Today is the Catch Me If You Can workout and going into it, you think it’s a complicated word problem with math and who needs that? But it’s actually simple – If you’re a runner, just go 8.4 mph and you’ll finish. Power walkers, go 4.2 mph and you’ll finish (5% incline).

Of course, I’m a Panda, so I was relegated to the rowers before the end, but then Coach Dru told us that when the finishers entered their times the tracker WAS RANKING US WITH EVERY OTHER ORANGETHEORY STUDIO!!!

We were looking good rank-wise…Colorado looked a bit better, something about the higher elevation makes it easier for aliens to land their spaceships there, and so we can’t just assume that the CO studio results are only based on human performance, there might be some alien results in there too and everybody knows that aliens have more lung capacity than humans. I think that’s why the Olympics base their training facilities in Colorado, to potentially recruit more aliens…and is that cheating, or really just very forward-thinking diversity hiring?

Knowing this totally triggered my competitiveness, and it’s hard having a Panda aptitude for treads but the heart of a cheetah. Or a really fast alien. Do aliens have hearts though? Maybe I have the lungs of an alien. And now instead of a math, I’ve turned this into a biology quiz, but not all of us studied aliens in school Karen, I refuse to be embarrassed about that.

The point is, those of you who have the lungs AND the legs of super-fast aliens, get in there and make us proud today!