Happy Endurance Day! Wow, they reeeeaaallly want us to get better at endurance, don’t they? Maybe I have a different perspective now because I am trying to jog… but it feels like every day is endurance day now. When she saw me making grumpy face about it, Reina told me that my Endurance push pace didn’t need to be the same as my push pace on other kinds of workouts and I’m all, OH, REVELATION! I sort of thought that if I did a higher push pace, I was committed to doing that or better from that point forward FOREVER AND EVER. Huh, different tactics for different workouts.

Also, new-to-me Coach Tiffany today! I liked her immediately because her voice is super clear and easy to follow, and she played something I didn’t know that ended up being perfect rowing music. Is it weird that with new coaches, I would recognize