First class of the year!!! Endurance!! I am hyperventilatingly positive!! Resolutions, bitches!

If you’re planning on kicking off the New Year with a nice endurance workout for yourself, you should totally go today. What have you done today to make yourself proud (theme from The Biggest Loser, in case you didn’t know)? I have NOTHING bad to say about today’s workout…go get it! Best Workout EVER!!

Transformation Challenge is coming up – sign up and keep me company, because I have (more) transforming to do. Probably forever. Imma gonna get that lean muscle mass going so I can lift those 25s no problem…which makes me worried that I’ll have to abandon Station #10 with the 20s and that gives me anxiety so maybe I’ll SKIP the 25s and just start using the 30s!! Yeah, that’s what I’ll do! Resolutions, bitches!!

Anxiety!! Fat!! Too much cheese!! Not enough lean protein!! Muscle Mass! Endurance!! 2020 is here!!!!