First class of the year!!! Endurance!! I am hyperventilatingly positive!! Resolutions, bitches!

If you’re planning on kicking off the New Year with a nice endurance workout for yourself, you should totally go today. What have you done today to make yourself proud (theme from The Biggest Loser, in case you didn’t know)? I have NOTHING bad to say about today’s workout…go get it! Best Workout EVER!!

Transformation Challenge is coming up – sign up and keep me company, because I have (more) transforming to do. Probably forever. Imma gonna get that lean muscle mass going so I can lift those 25s no problem…which makes me worried that I’ll have to abandon Station #10 with the 20s and that gives me anxiety so maybe I’ll SKIP the 25s and just start using the 30s!! Yeah, that’s what I’ll do