Mindy: Uh, hi, who are you supposed to be?

Marie Laveau: Supposed to be? I do not think I care for your tone.

Mindy: Sorry, I’m wiped out…ESP Day. Let’s start again. Hi, I’m Mindy.

Marie: Hello… I am Marie Laveau.

Mindy: The Voodoo Queen???

Marie: If you like.

Mindy: Uhhhhhhh… um, why? What’s happening…How did Corporate Suit Dude…

Marie: Is that what you call him?

Mindy: What do YOU call him?

Marie: Names have power, if he wanted you to know, then he would tell you.

Mindy: Oh, he did, I just forget, it’s something like KenJerRobBarthol—

Marie: Can we do the thing? I am getting bored.

Mindy: Sure, okay, yes. Except…I don’t know what we’re supposed to be doing.

Marie: You complain about exercising, yes?

Mindy: That’s what they told you I do?!? That’s it??

Marie: They did.

Mindy: Wow. Huh. I mean, sure, I need to *process* difficult workouts…dead lifts…90-second rows…basically anything treads… I guess it just sucks to see yourself through someone else’s eyes…

Marie: Did you want to see yourself through the eyes of say, a crow? Or a cat? Because I could do that.

Mindy: You CAN??? I thought voodoo was just about sticking pins into dolls that represented people you don’t like.

Marie: It is not JUST about dolls… voodoo is part of a larger, cultural, tradition. Magic is a part of that.

Mindy: You can kill me with your little finger, can’t you?


Mindy: Do you have a voodoo doll of me?

Marie: Why do you think the workout was so hard today?

Mindy: …Humor?

Marie: People never expect me to be funny.

Mindy: I just think when people are scared to death of you, the default is probably nervous laughter.

Marie: Perhaps.

Mindy: But now that you’re here, I can think of a few people who I wouldn’t mind making a voodoo doll for…

Marie: Get me some hair, we’ll talk.

Mindy: Ew. Would pet hair work?

Marie: Only if you want a voodoo doll of the pet.

Mindy: Wait, hang on…can you resurrect the dead? I thought I saw a movie about that…Zombies? Serpent and the Rainbow?

Marie: Death is not the end.

Mindy: Okay, CHILLS that you just said that. But you can resurrect…things? Pets, people–?

Marie: Just about anything. Except your love life. Nothing could resurrect that.

Mindy: Ouch. Solid burn.

Marie: See? I can be funny.