I’ve seen with some of the other OTF FB Groups (NOT Shoreline) that there was some anxiety around taking too long on the mile run yesterday– people felt slow, and even felt some pressure like maybe they shouldn’t be trying to run the mile if they were a jogger, etc. So probably the same initial anxiety I was feeling around the benchmark coming next week.

You know what? I am here to tell you… GO SLOW. Go as slow as you want. Spend ALL of the time jogging your adorable ‘lil jog and shimmying on that tread. In fact, go so slow that all of the fasties have to do the mile AGAIN (what’s the rush, fastie?). Go so slow that a sloth would pass you walking, it’s fine. Go so slow you’re going backwards. Go so slow that the chaos ensues and the coach hops on the rower and knocks out 2,000 meters on the rower behind you because they have to do something with the excess energy and they can’t cue class anymore until you’re done. Go so slow all of the snow melts.

The point is, you’re doing more than you did before. As slow as I am, I am still faster than everyone who didn’t try. So don’t worry that you’re holding things up by going slow, screw that. This is YOUR workout. You get faster by going slow (I don’t know if that is actually true but it sounds good. It feels true). Don’t cheat yourself out of a benchmark because you’re feeling anxious. We’ve got you. Go as slow as you need to.