Coaches Dru Brozovich and Kathryn Whisler wrote some posts today since I didn’t work out on Thursday, the first day of Hell Week!

Dru’s Post

*walks up to man in black suit, red tie sipping coffee at Starbucks*

Dru: *nods* Satan…

Satan: *nods* Dru….

Dru: You collected a few souls off that Pulse workout bro…

Satan: Sure did…how bout that finale?



Dru: I spent weeks warning them too!!Satan: (recovering from laughing) I KNOW! I thought after all of Mindy Crary posts they would’ve picked up on all this.

Dru: I did tell them the surprise burpees weren’t necessary. I saw a few people saying they’d make a deal with you if the squats ended.

Satan: I was probably taking a call…customer service complaints. It’s been busy down here during the first three classes.

Dru: Dude…Are you drinking tea????

Satan: …yeah. Doctor says I need to watch my caffeine intake. Sucks because that Sumatra blend is da BOMB!! So, those showing up a bit late? We they mad about the floor block?

Dru: ….yeah a lot of cursing.

Satan: HAHA! Well there is gonna be a lot of that. Next three days I constructed using my “Wheel Of Torture”. New and improved!

Dru: well…they have worked hard all year. Maybe go a bit easier on them tomorrow?


Both: HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh that’s rich!!

*high fives*

#QuadAwarenessDay #OhMyQuad #Hellweek #pulse

Kat’s Post

Coach Kat: Hellllllooooooo Satan!! Got a couple of souls for you today.

Satan: Oh! Cool cool, but um, did you bring that other thing I asked you for?

Kat: Yeah but, aren’t you watching your caffeine?

Satan: *glares*

Kat: Alright, alright, here’s your skinny mocha ☕️

See you #katurday!