Mindy: Luuuuuccccyyyyyy! You got some ‘splainin to do!

Satan: Did you just Ricky Ricardo me?

Mindy: I wanted to call you Lucy 🙂

Satan: You should reject that instinct.

Mindy: Poltergeist was SUPER random. It was like Roulette.


Mindy: Not like Russian Roulette…jeez, like gambling. I can’t believe you’ve never seen a Roulette wheel.

Satan: I’m always working when I’m in Vegas …

Mindy: It was alllll random, the coach didn’t control it… you might get a flat road 90-second all out, you might get a 15% 90-second all out. You might get pop jacks, you might get bicycles.

Satan: Well chaos is fair…

Mindy: I think it’s interesting the two out of the three times I have taken Coach Jeremy’s class, everything changed every 90 seconds.

Satan: Sometimes there are patterns, even in randomness…

Mindy: People thought I had an “in” with you and that’s why I never got a 15% incline…

Satan: We’re NOT friends! There is no “in” there!

Mindy: The Prince of Darkness doesn’t have friends, I know. Sometimes chaos isn’t as hard as regular life.

Satan: Right???

Mindy: All I know for sure is that Hell Week is DONE…I did the thing, got the tee shirt.

Satan: Any other souvenirs?

Mindy: Hip is a little creaky, a friend of mine has rower rash… everyone was starting to have that haunted look in their eyes…

Satan: Ah, I love this season…

Mindy: Bummed that it’s ending?

Satan: Nah, I just take a long vacation while people do a nice, slow simmer through the holidays. I mean, Hell Week won’t kill you, but family gatherings just might…

Mindy: Taking the long view.

Satan: Always.

Mindy: Well, I feel good about Hell Week. I might not have won any soul-harvesting awards, but I made it through.

Satan: Well done! And hey, if you can manage not to eat back all of the extra calories you burned today, you might even come out ahead on this Hell Week thing.

Mindy: You had to ruin the moment.

Satan: Would you expect anything else?

Mindy: Fair.