Mindy: Luuuuuccccyyyyyy! You got some ‘splainin to do!

Satan: Did you just Ricky Ricardo me?

Mindy: I wanted to call you Lucy 🙂

Satan: You should reject that instinct.

Mindy: Poltergeist was SUPER random. It was like Roulette.


Mindy: Not like Russian Roulette…jeez, like gambling. I can’t believe you’ve never seen a Roulette wheel.

Satan: I’m always working when I’m in Vegas …

Mindy: It was alllll random, the coach didn’t control it… you might get a flat road 90-second all out, you might get a 15% 90-second all out. You might get pop jacks, you might get bicycles.

Satan: Well chaos is fair…

Mindy: I think it’s interesting the two out of the three times I have taken Coach Jeremy’s class, everything changed every