Mindy: Well, that row was forking long!

Satan: Yeah, but you’re competing with every single Orangetheory for the title.

Mindy: I guess it’s good that it was heavy rowing today since no one’s legs worked after Crawl.

Satan: True story.  So did the Us theme work for you? Were you the Tethered or Untethered?

Mindy: Coach Paige kept saying “This is US!” and it made me think of that NBC drama about the Pearson family that hops back and forth around the decades…

Satan: Hmm, that’s not scary at all…

Mindy: Trust me, that family is plenty scary… and my arms are trashed from the weekend, so I didn’t even really feel the floor/tread block. I mean, after the rower, everything else is sort of a blur…

Satan: Yeah, it’s better that way.

Mindy: What do we get for the competition?

Satan: Bragging rights!

Mindy: I want a tee shirt.

Satan: <finger guns> You got one!

Mindy: No, I KNOW I’m already getting the Hell Week tee shirt, what do we get if my studio beats another studio?

Satan: The satisfaction of victory?

Mindy: Do you know me at all?

Satan: Cheese Nips and mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups?

Mindy: Atta boy.