Today as I worked out I was thinking about how the OTF tag line is More Life, which is really just another glass-half-full way of saying Avoid Dying Sooner… that sentiment always seems counterproductive on the days we have Run Rows. Except for the fact that as I learn to run, I can literally run away from death faster than before, unless he just waited until the end of the Run Row and grabbed me when I am totally wiped out. But I really do think that Power Walkers are the unsung heroes here, because Power Walkers learn to walk very authoritatively under any incline circumstance, which means that if Death came for them, they could really just authoritatively walk away from him and he’d be all, “My bad, I thought I was supposed to come for you today but it must have been this raggedy-ass jogger over here instead… (me),” so I guess the lesson here is, if you see a dude in a d