Corporate Suit Dude: Happy National Nacho Day!

Mindy: Whaaaat?

CSD: I’m having some trouble getting anyone to come hang out with you, so I looked up today’s date and what do you know, it’s national nacho day!

Mindy: You know what? I lifted super heavy today, doing some tempo stuff and then had to drag my floppy arms through a very incline-y tread block…but you came through. No rowing. Today can be whatever you want it to be. Nacho day, I’m down.

CSD: Well, this was unexpected, I thought you’d be mad that no one wants to hang out with you.

Mindy: Wait, go back…you’re saying of all the supernatural, paranormal, historical entities that exist throughout the history of mankind, SATAN is the only one who has time for me?

CSD: Well, Satan says technically he wasn’t sure how you were getting in to see him. But also, there was more direct benefit in that relationship… also, you’ve got a bit of a reputation.

Mindy: Reputation? For—-?

CSD: Some might say…you can be a little difficult.

Mindy: I’ve only worked with Satan, so you’re saying that Satan—SATAN—thinks I’M the difficult one? And… he’s been telling people that???

CSD: Let’s not lose sight of what’s important here…

Mindy: Fine. So, you come to me, empty handed on this momentous day…this most important, national day of nachos?

CSD: You like nachos!

Mindy: Which is why I am complaining you’re empty handed. But I can’t have a conversation with them.

CSD: Let me see what I can do…


CSD: Huh, maybe I’ve been going about this wrong. I’ve been trying to collaborate with you, but maybe I need to just threaten you.

Mindy: With talking nachos? You know what, I might not want to talk to a turkey who gets made into dinner, but you try to put me up against talking nachos? I WILL WIN. Melted cheese and tortilla chips have no chance against me.


Mindy: Satan never threatened me.

CSD: Yes, well, he’s not middle management.