Only in my head, Coach Josh and I are in some kind of weird game of food chess.

Josh: Here’s a pic of my awesome new turbo mixer that allows me to whip up sweets in like 5 seconds. Imma gonna be baking stuff every day for the rest of the year.

<Mindy, eating perfectly, gains two pounds simply from contemplating that much sugar and butter. (Oh my god, butter)>

Josh: Here’s a pic of my awesome Italian Creme Cake, you can have some if you come work out today.

<Mindy, knowing she can’t eat back her workout calories, shuffles around Green Lake>

<Mindy methodically chops ALL of the broccoli (All. Of. It.) to offset the universal food imbalance activated by Kitchen Aid usage around the world.>

Mindy: Lookit my awesome healthy meal prep! Your move,