I decided that we need to have some screening questions in order to make sure we get as close to Mallori 2.0 as possible when interviewing potential studio managers. Here’s what I have so far:

Q – Morning person or night owl? If night owl, are you still awake and could be someplace by 4:15 am?

Q – Assume your new employer provides a piece of technology for everyone to use for scheduling at your location…now assume that it arbitrarily cancels and/or rebooks people. And people get charged based on these actions. What do you do?

Q – Tell me about a time when someone you worked with forgot to come to work with a vital piece of clothing (shoe, bra, etc). What did you do, and how would your response change as studio manager?

Q – Are you a beginner, intermediate or advance phone technology person, i.e., how do your pictures and videos turn out? What social media accounts do you currently use?

Q – Tell me about a time when one of your coworkers demanded that your spouse participate in one of your office competitions because apparently you married a super hero. What did you do and is your spouse still willing to deal with the people at your work?

Q – Tell me about a time when all technology shut down for no rhyme or reason and getting it back on in a timely manner was essential to the mental health of as many as 36 sweaty individuals. What do you do? Assume support from Comcast Business is not an option.

Q – Hypothetically, if someone stuffed you in a Mini Cooper and forced you to photographically document multiple acts of throwing stuffed sharks into nearby OTF studios, how would you respond to that? Would it be more acceptable if you go to throw the sharks?

I’ll keep thinking…