I decided that we need to have some screening questions in order to make sure we get as close to Mallori 2.0 as possible when interviewing potential studio managers. Here’s what I have so far:

Q – Morning person or night owl? If night owl, are you still awake and could be someplace by 4:15 am?

Q – Assume your new employer provides a piece of technology for everyone to use for scheduling at your location…now assume that it arbitrarily cancels and/or rebooks people. And people get charged based on these actions. What do you do?

Q – Tell me about a time when someone you worked with forgot to come to work with a vital piece of clothing (shoe, bra, etc). What did you do, and how would your response change as studio manager?

Q – Are you a beginner, intermediate or advance phone technology person, i.e., how do your pictures and videos turn out? What social media accounts do you currently use?

Q – Tell me about a time when