Welp, regardless of whether or not you signed up for the Transformation Challenge, the workouts this week are apparently designed to burn those extra calories. I’m getting the highest splat points I’ve ever gotten. My outrage scale has been completely destroyed and I’m too tired to be outraged anymore. If you’re NOT doing the TC you should workout and go have some nachos. Take some pictures too. And send them to me.

Today Reina said something along the lines of, imagine doing this workout a year ago and how much we’ve improved… I’m having trouble remembering because I was just thinking I’m equally dead as I would have been last year but now I am more of an active participant in killing myself. Progress…. uh, yay me?

I’m now satisfied with the level of attention my #TeamBlack panda stickers have received, and offered some ideas for sticker concepts for the other teams. Also, when I was ordering stickers, I didn’t know a “sticker book” was a place to PUT stickers, I thought it was literally a book of panda stickers that I could use… so if anyone wants a Panda sticker book for their kid, let me know.