Hey, if you’re struggling to get in

here on a regular basis… I see you. It’s hard when life is busy and you’re juggling five different things. I think we hope the TC will give us that extra boost to get “on track,” but the longer game is really figuring out how your workout schedule fits in real life, week in, week out.

Who cares about TC results? I mean, if someone is killing it, awesome. But I’ve never been that person. I’m the person that just keeps slogging. I’ll probably be slogging for the rest of the year…

I’d like to encourage people, don’t think in terms of the end of the TC (only ~3 weeks left), because that is frustrating and makes you feel like there is a deadline for your success. But there isn’t. I have screwed up 8,000 times… but I have returned to try again 8,001 times. Just keep going and figure