I was all annoyed today, bc I feel like I should be down a few pounds more than I am over these past two weeks… this is why I like logging everything, I can go back and see exactly what my deficits have been. And you know what? Going over my caloric target by 10% a few days isn’t behaviorally a bad thing, but when your eating deficit is only ~300 calories per day, it’s the difference between losing 1 pound versus 2 pounds.

I mean, maybe I’m gaining muscle, but I still have PLENTY of fat to lose, so we’ll see where I’m at next week. I’m even thinking about going lower with my daily eating plan, and then if I go over a few days here and there, I’m still getting my 300 calorie deficit…

Also, Total Nutrition has had me getting to 160 gms of protein daily, which is not easy. Based on my reading, if my total lean body mass is 120 lbs, I only NEED 120 gms of protein.

I don’t know if publicly processing this helps anyone, but I tend to go down the data rabbit hole every few weeks bc I find it helps me stay on track instead of stuffing my face with cinnamon rolls when I’m frustrated with my lack of results.