Journey of a Reluctant Couch Potato

What is a Couch Potato doing at, arguably, one of the most intense workouts around?

Well, duh . . . breathing hard. And sweating. A lot. Splat! Orangetheory Fitness for Beginners: Journey of a Reluctant Couch Potato isn’t your normal book on fitness for beginners. It’s funnier.

There’s this unspoken thing in the world of fitness . . . you’re supposed to be gung-ho about the workouts. Hyperventilating-ly positive. No guts, no glory. But when you’re a fitness beginner, that can be intimidating. Frustrating. You feel like you’re the ONLY ONE suffering. And you’re afraid of saying anything, because that might not fit in with the culture.

Splat! changes all of that.

Imagine the relief of realizing EVERYBODY struggles, regardless of any one person’s particular fitness level.

Imagine having some insight into that mental inner dialogue that we all carry around with us as we try something hard.

Imagine the concept that you can hate your workout, and still love it.

Imagine the recap being the funniest thing you read all day.

Now imagine downloading that free chapter.

About The Book

Why does starting a workout program have to be all serious and intense? Welp, it doesn’t!

Splat! Orangetheory Fitness for Beginners: Journey of a Reluctant Couch Potato understands that, regardless of where you’re at in your fitness journey, you will struggle. You will have negative thoughts about your workout. And that perfect person you see next to you on the treadmill? They have negative thoughts too. They struggle too.

And that is okay.

About The Author

If you get the book, you get to read alllllllll about me.

Water is my kryptonite. I don’t “outside” very well. These are expected attributes of a Couch Potato (but I am working on it!).

I spent years getting exercise wrong. Focusing on the wrong things. Feeling frustrated for years over not being the healthiest version of myself, but never sure how to get there. Feeling like maybe, *this* is how I am just going to be from here on out. Tired all of the time . . . overweight . . . no energy. Beginning Orangetheory Fitness was a leap of faith, starting before I was ready or even conceived that I could realize a new, healthier version of myself.

Books are my side gig; you can check out my first one Personal Finance That Doesn’t Suck. In real life, I am a Certified Financial Planning® practitioner with my own business. My professional writing has been featured in Daily Worth, Huffington Post, Brazen Careerist, Daily Finance, Mint, Wisebread, Forbes, Business Insider and Intuit. I live in Seattle, Washington and spend way too much time posting pictures on Instagram of my cat, Noki.