Coach Tiff had a bit of trouble with tech in the 8:15 … her music stopped completely, which had to be brutal for the treads (I was in the weight room). Tiffany said she’d hand the mike over to whoever could sing to help out the treads and Haylee (who was suffering on the treads) screamed, “MINDY!” And for a moment, I was ready to answer the call… but then I was horrified to realize the ONLY song in my head in that moment was Boy George’s Church of the Poison Mind, and I didn’t really want my OTF singing debut to be saddled with that. But it made me think, we have tons of awesome singers in our community, we should totally do a modified karaoke workout where Dru does the music so it’s tread worthy and our professional singers do the covers. We gotta keep it fresh so Mill Creek keeps being jealous of us…