This morning when I checked the schedule to see who the 8:15 coach would be… it was me. Mindy. I never assumed there was another Mindy, my brain immediately went to, oh, there was a studio leadership coup, status quo has been overthrown and my people are asking me to lead!

I would humbly accept, of course… I have so many ideas. But my drive to the studio this morning was an entire montage in my head of how I would coach my first class at 8:15. Have I ever coached a class? No? Am I aware of, and do I understand all of the elements of coaching successfully? Nope. Can I demo even half of the things we’d be doing in the workout? Of course not, but why would that stop me?

When I got to class, I was shocked and amazed to discover… THE Mindy of OTF was teaching class. The Queen Goddess Regina de Washingtonia. I think because PNWers are low key, her business cards say Regional Head Trainer. I was sort of flummoxed by the lack of fanfare… where was her security? Where were the special lights and back up dancers? It was almost like she was undercover or something.

But I will tell you, I haven’t been that freaked out by a coach since Cass. Mindy checks form and watts. She NOTICES when your elbows go all floofy on your tricep extensions or when you’re about to crash into your neighbor with your Y-Raises. I see why she is the Queen.

I power walked today because it was my third class in a row… shout out to the PWs, it’s not AT ALL easier than running. Dang!