This morning when I checked the schedule to see who the 8:15 coach would be… it was me. Mindy. I never assumed there was another Mindy, my brain immediately went to, oh, there was a studio leadership coup, status quo has been overthrown and my people are asking me to lead!

I would humbly accept, of course… I have so many ideas. But my drive to the studio this morning was an entire montage in my head of how I would coach my first class at 8:15. Have I ever coached a class? No? Am I aware of, and do I understand all of the elements of coaching successfully? Nope. Can I demo even half of the things we’d be doing in the workout? Of course not, but why would that stop me?

When I got to class, I was shocked and amazed to discover… THE Mindy of OTF was teaching class. The Queen Goddess Regina de Washingtonia. I think because PNWers are low key, her business cards say Regional Head Trainer. I was sort of fl