Wednesday ESP Day! Or as I like to call it, 18-Days-Left-Until-My-Doom. I think some people are calling it the Dri- Tri. Tomato-Tomahto. Today Dru told us that Milly Creek’s head coach Amber is “allowing” him to attend the Shoreline Dri Tri this year, for a change, and I really don’t think either of them realize how close Amber came to having to face off with me in a cage match. I mean, I’m pretty sure I can’t take her– I DO fight dirty– butif I were to choose the coach who most likely had a former life as a UFC fighter, I’d have to go with Kat. So I’d pull her in from Yakima to be my ringer. So it was nice they made the right choice all on their own, so I didn’t have to mobilize my horde and travel to Mill Creek. Although I hear there’s a really nice town center with some good eats, so maybe we still do that? But without the dissent and intimidation…

I have this weird idea that I need Dru’s music to get through the Dri Tri, which means he’s probably going to play Bill Joel and Mariah Carey now. I am getting over a bit of a bug (NOT corona) so my tread work has been crappy these past few workouts, so that’s always fun to project forward… hey, I’m not progressing with my slow-ass jogging and this huge event is looming in my future! The world is succumbing to the plague! Burpees! Pushups! WHAT THE FREAK PEOPLE???