Today I ran slowly for the longest block I think I’ve done… usually my “jogging-all-at-once-before-I-walk” bar has been 3 minutes, and then I want a walking recovery or to drop dead. I’m not sure what the 3G block was, but for sure it was longer than that before the WR (I didn’t drop dead, BTW).

I cheated a little… I didn’t start jogging until Kat said we’re starting, because I don’t want to use up my jogging energy while she is telling the floor what to do. My self image is that I’m like a battery that drains faster if I’m jogging, so I need to preserve jogging mode battery life until we’re timing things.

Also, I pretty much power walked yesterday as fast as my jogging base today, so why does it feel harder???

Just sort of processing… all of my improvement is based on building confidence in myself. If someone tells me what the block length was, I guess I have to make my Green Lake interval longer ????‍♀️