You know how when you’re about to sleep with someone new, you’re excited, but also a little anxious because who knows what weird thing they might like, and you might have to decide on the fly whether or not you’re on board with it? And then afterwards, when nothing too strange happened, you’re sort of relieved that it ended up meeting (or exceeding) expectations.

I realized today that before every workout, I have that same fear of OTF as I have of new sex … what weird-ass thing might get “sprung” on me, and might I need to do today, to preserve the relationship? It was getting pretty weird last week… in fact, my entire OTF weird “WTF” scale was completely thrown off by Sunday. And yet… I kept doing it. That’s why it’s so nice this week to have a nice, normal, no-frills couple of workouts on Monday and Wednesday (can’t speak for Tuesday since I wasn’t there). Relationships need balance. Give me some OTF classic stuff and I’ll do your weird thing, I’ll do your Mayhem, I’ll do your Hell Week… I am not sure if I’ll do your Dri Tri. Today, Dru was encouraging all of us to plan on doing the DriTri in March, and I’m all, slow down, buddy, I’ve only been going here 2 years, what’s your rush?