Mindy: Okay, I’m ready to deal…

Corporate Suit Dude: Fantastic! Uh, may I ask why?

Mindy: Probably just Monday plus rowing…do you really care why?

CSD: No, I’ll take it.

Mindy: But I get approval on what I have to do.

CSD: I’m not sure if that will always be possible. I mean, if we get someone good, things will start to move fast.

Mindy: Isn’t this all kind of last minute? Why didn’t you line up people months ago?

CSD: Well, you cancelled all of the Pilgrims and Indians, this is on you!

Mindy: Oh my gosh, READ THE ROOM.

CSD: And you said no talking turkey because you might eat it.

Mindy: Whaaat? That is NOT what I said. I said I couldn’t talk to a turkey, form a relationship and then have him be someone ELSE’s dinner. I couldn’t even catch a turkey, let alone kill it myself.

CSD: The point is, no talking turkey.

Mindy: So you want me to roll with whatever.