I’m starting to feel like I’m leaving Yelp reviews for the new coaches, but really it’s just my pathological need to process publicly. I really loved my workout today with “new” Cat and I promise that’s the last time I refer to her like that…

When not coaching, Cat said she works in the physical therapy industry, and if I were to identify the common personality trait of MOST people I’ve met in the physical therapy industry, it would be the enjoyment and desire to inflict pain on you in a way that doesn’t compromise your body or cause injury. They SAY they’re helping you, and okay, they are, but PT workouts are TOUGH.

So I was a little worried about what would happen during the workout, but it was a pretty normal Power day. I like power days because I can go faster for shorter times!

Cat gives nice and clear directions and cues, but the bonus from her was that at the end of the workout, she gave us a mini yoga sess