I’m starting to feel like I’m leaving Yelp reviews for the new coaches, but really it’s just my pathological need to process publicly. I really loved my workout today with “new” Cat and I promise that’s the last time I refer to her like that…

When not coaching, Cat said she works in the physical therapy industry, and if I were to identify the common personality trait of MOST people I’ve met in the physical therapy industry, it would be the enjoyment and desire to inflict pain on you in a way that doesn’t compromise your body or cause injury. They SAY they’re helping you, and okay, they are, but PT workouts are TOUGH.

So I was a little worried about what would happen during the workout, but it was a pretty normal Power day. I like power days because I can go faster for shorter times!

Cat gives nice and clear directions and cues, but the bonus from her was that at the end of the workout, she gave us a mini yoga session along with our stretches, diarhythmic breathing (I made up the word because I’m too lazy to look up the right one and spell check is no help) and she used a soothing yoga voice on us that makes you forget the pain she caused earlier.

Change is hard, but I’d totally be on board with a regular Caturday… a little scared when she gets to know all of us and starts calling us out, but that’s the risk we take as aspiring fitness beasts.

Also, don’t be shy with your high fives and fist bumps! We need them now more than ever, at the start of the year as we give up sugar and cheese. Everybody wants to be high fived. I’ve never been rejected when I make others high five me. No ones gonna leave you hanging, we’re Shoreline, we got you!