I’m sort of still getting over Friday’s workout and I’m still bitterly recalling bits of Wednesday’s workout that trigger me, so my scale of outrage is totally thrown off this week. Today, I tried to work up some outrage over a 6-minute run/row for distance but… eh. I sort of wish it was a benchmark because I actually rowed slightly above average.

#TeamBlack I don’t know if anyone noticed but I put stickers on our workout binder THAT YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO USE TO LOG WORKOUTS or Hailey is coming for you (actually I think technically we have Jirat either way just remember to do it so we can avoid public admonishment). They sit on top of the mini fridge. YES WE HAVE A MINI FRIDGE IN THE LOBBY, SURPRISE!!

I came in early to put on the stickers, and then I waited to see if anyone reacted… nothing. My stickers are ADORABLE. Either no one from #TeamBlack logged a workout while I was staring like a psycho or you’re all dead inside. Wait, I just realized #TeamSilver #TeamWhite and #TeamOrange might have seen the stickers on our binder but squelched their reactions and admiration out of team solidarity. Well played, TC adversaries, well played.