This isn’t a Mindy-trying-to-be-funny post…I wanted to acknowledge something I have been feeling and I see other people feeling this week. We had this past holiday weekend, and maybe it was awesome or maybe it didn’t totally meet your hopes and expectations. Regardless, a lot of people fall of the mental/emotional ledge after Thanksgiving.

You know logically, there is no reason (or maybe there is)…for those people with anxiety, you go back to your mental checklist of life areas and CONFIRM that there is no reason to feel like your tank is completely empty – that’s how I describe it, because suddenly I have no energy to deal. Some people start to feel overwhelmed by the expectations they know are coming through the end of the year. Even if you love the holiday season.

I’m not qualified to give ANY advice, but I wanted to acknowledge this. If you’re feeling this way, it’s totally okay. We don’t need to feel guilty because we don’t have the proper level of gratitude. Just because someone has it worse than you doesn’t invalidate your experience. You get to feel the way you feel.

The thing I tell myself when I feel like this is, it’s okay to fail. It’s okay to only give 50%. It’s okay to be non-productive. It’s okay to blow something off. We don’t have to give it our 100% best all of the time. We need to let things ebb and flow.

Despite this, I should have come and worked out on Monday. I didn’t, but now today, even after that HellWeek-worthy workout (which I sucked at, BTW), I feel better. OTF is self care… NOT a responsibility. I don’t know who came up with this list below, but I find it more useful than the 6 types of self care list because with the self care list, I’m like crap, I’m failing at doing self care, whereas the Rest list gives me permission to do less.

I don’t know if anyone else needed this, hope this was okay.